Body Armour Sizing Information

Many people are not sure how to choose the correct size of body armour for themselves. A normal bullet resistant vest is designed to protect the wearer’s vital organs from attack, not their complete torso. As such, a bullet resistant vest should normally hang to around your navel area, not down to your groin. Often people are surprised when they first try on a piece of armour, as they expect it to be a lot longer. By protecting the vital organs only, the vests allow for movement and the ability to comfortably sit. Obviously being shot or stabbed in the lower stomach area would not be a pleasant experience, but it would also not likely be life threatening.

Our body armour is available in a full range of sizes, from XX-SMALL to 3XL. Below is a size guide that will help when selecting the right size body armour for you. We are well stocked for quick delivery.

SIZE:                 XXS








CHEST (IN):    26”-28”









The protective panels in a bullet resistant vest become wider as size increases. The vests are designed to fit in the same way as regular clothing, for example a large bullet resistant vest would fit the same way a large t-shirt would.

Some people believe it is essential to get a made to measure piece of body armour, but that is simply not the case. Due to the cost of producing body armour, a “custom made” bullet resistant vest will generally be based on the measurements shown above. Our armour vests have multiple adjustment points, this flexibility allows for more of a custom fit without the cost of “custom made”. However, for sizes outside these ranges we do offer a custom-made option on a request basis. Pricing and delivery time for custom products vary.